Back Pain From Auto Accident

Our Chiropractors Offer Help for Back Pain from Auto Accidents in Sanford, NC

Auto accidents can cause many different types of injuries, but ongoing back pain is a common result that can negatively impact the ability to function well in everyday life. Chiropractic care offers a non-invasive, drug-free way to deal with these problems. At Knecht Chiropractic Center in Sanford, NC, we can provide relief of pain and improved function for individuals who have been injured in auto accidents.

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How Auto Accident Impact Causes Back Injuries

The human spinal is a complex mechanism of bones, cartilage, nerves, and discs that can be subject to injury from impacts. Even when an auto accident does not produce a blow to the spinal column, the sudden motion of the backward and forward effects of the impact can cause this system to become dysfunctional. Discs that cushion the vertebrae can be pushed out of normal position, muscles and tendons can become bruised or torn and nerves can become pinched by adjacent structures. These problems can lead to injuries that are not always apparent immediately after the accident but worsen as the individual goes about their normal tasks. As a result, these injuries can lead to pain later on that may have an impact on the ability to perform normal activities. Your chiropractor in Sanford can provide a thorough evaluation of your injury and can design an individualized care plan that suits your needs.

Chiropractic Care for Auto Accident Back Pain

Your chiropractor Sanford can provide a number of techniques to help with back pain from auto accidents. Manual adjustment helps re-alignment bones, to reduce pressure on discs, muscles, and nerves. Spinal decompression gently separates the structures in the spine so they can return to a normal position. Techniques like myofascial disruption improve soft tissue injuries and relieve pain. Massage therapy improves circulation and healing. Corrective exercises strengthen supporting muscles and improve range of motion.

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