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Discover Drug-Free Healing Services with our Sanford Chiropractor

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Our Sanford chiropractor provides non-invasive and drug-free services which work with your body by allowing it to help heal itself. We look at the root causes and factors of disease or dysfunction, rather than just treat the symptoms.

Chiropractic Adjustments

Your spine protects your central nervous system, making it an essential component to wellness. Adjustments gently realign joints and trigger the release of natural pain-killers and "feel good" hormones, making it an effective treatment for almost all conditions whether they "obviously" involve the spine or not. Your back doesn't have to "crack" for an adjustment to work, and are gentle and safe for people of all ages.

Spinal Decompression Therapy

This is a technique that imposes a gentle traction force on the spine. It helps conditions like sciatica and disc herniation’s by restoring alignment, relieving pressure on compressed structures, and creating a negative pressure system which attracts healing molecules to injured discs, nerves, and joints.

Myofascial Disruption Technique

Fascia is a thin film of tissue covering all your connective tissues (sort of like internal "skin"). When fascia is injured, serious dysfunction can occur. This soft tissue mobility technique helps restore normal function and form of the fascia. 

Massage Therapy

Massage isn't just a luxury, though it can relieve mental stress which is important for healing! Our chiropractor uses massage to facilitate healing by improving localized circulation and lymphatic drainage, relieving adhesions, breaking up scar tissue, and resolving tension in muscles. 

Corrective Exercises

Become an active participant in your recovery by following customized exercise programs to reduce inflammation, improve tissue strength, endurance, and flexibility, and even prevent recurring injury. 

Lifestyle Counseling

Are you getting enough quality sleep? Are you managing your stress effectively? Do you have hidden muscle length imbalances, movement restrictions, or other underlying health conditions? How's your posture? Are there other tools (e.g., orthotics, breathing exercises) which may help you heal from current injuries and avoid recurring ones? These and other questions are ones our Sanford chiropractor helps you answer. 

Nutritional Counseling

If your spine is the "backbone" of your body, then nutrition is the "backbone" of your overall health. Our chiropractor can educate you on ways to improve your relationship with food and help you make the right dietary choices which will give you the right balance of macronutrients, micronutrients, and calories for better multi-system health, body weight, and injury recovery.

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  • "Dr. Knecht and his staff are amazing! They are personable and on point with their treatments. After being in a car accident Dr. Knecht helped me get back to my full range of motion and rid me of my pain."
    Hillary Akers

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