Chiropractic Care for Managing Chronic Pain

Chiropractic Care for Managing Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is frequent, persistent pain anywhere in your body. It can last more than three months, and the discomfort can be constant or periodically come and go. It can persist even after receiving treatment for the illness or injury. Chiropractic care can help you manage chronic pain in the following ways.



Posture Correction



Your posture is crucial for your body. When it is not right, it can cause chronic pain. Posture correction helps restore your body to its former optimal functionality. That is before the onset of chronic pain. Positions that interrupt your spine’s proper alignment include slouching and head translation. 


Chiropractors associate better postural awareness with a reduction in shoulder and back pain. Hence, they may recommend an exercise regimen that improves your posture. The same workout plan can also reduce pain in your pelvis and neck.



Spinal Manipulation



In this method, chiropractors combine the motion of your joints and spine with physical exercise, massage, and therapy. These help treat chronic pain symptoms that result from medical conditions or injuries. Spinal manipulation involves using a high-velocity arm. It applies pressure on the abnormal vertebrae. Its goal is to reduce nerve irritability and improve functionality. It also increases the range of motion in your spine.



Chiropractic Mobilization



The method is an alternative to manipulation. It helps restore or enhance the functionality of a joint. It involves slow movements on firm endpoints to mobilize the joint. It is ideal for people with sensitive nervous systems who require gentle chiropractic therapy. It is effective since it avoids reactive muscle spasms resulting from their overreactive bodies.


Your chiropractor may recommend spinal mobilization for acute stages of illnesses. These may cause severe pain in conditions that include: 


  • Inflammatory arthritis.
  • Bone pathology.
  • Osteoporosis.



Healthy Weight



Excess weight can exert extra pressure on your spine. Over time, it can result in chronic back pain. People often respond to this by taking over-the-counter pain medications. However, they do not help. The best option may be to consult your doctor. They can refer you to a chiropractor for assistance. They may also enroll you in a chiropractic weight-loss program. 


Apart from helping you lose weight, it will realign your spine. It helps to alleviate leg and back pain. As well, nutritional counseling, rehabilitative exercise, and massage will slowly relieve chronic pain. The therapies have the added advantage of encouraging your body to manage itself from the inside.



Chiropractic Physiotherapy



After diagnosing the cause of your chronic pain, your chiropractor may employ physiotherapy techniques. These are efficient in cases where the issue arises from minor injuries, weak muscles, stiff joints, or soft tissue damage. 


While these conditions may not seem serious, they may come with chronic pain. The chiropractor will combine massage therapy and spinal manipulation. They may also recommend lifestyle changes alongside physiotherapy for recurring lower back pain. 


Physiotherapy and lifestyle changes help strengthen your back and the surrounding muscles to withstand stress without causing pain. Although it is not standard for people with chronic pain, a full-body assessment will be run by your chiropractor. It ascertains the root cause of your pain. Afterward, they can tailor your physiotherapy according to your diagnosis.


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